How to order:

  • Send me a message on Instagram or through email include a few photos, name and a discription.
  • We can choose the right photo to base the piece on together or you might have a photo already chosen.
  • After choosing the size and type I will send you an invoice with 14days payment time.
  • Then we will start the process (depending on queue) and I will send you the work in progress for comments.

Single portrait prices:

Art Prints:

A4 (21,9cmx29,7cm)  158e

30x40cm 163e

50x70cm 169e

70x100cm 175e


Framed Prints:

A4 (21,9cmx29,7cm)  178e

30x40cm 185e

50x70cm 233e

70x100cm 279e

Options for frames: painted white, painted black and oak. Acrylic glass surface. Framed pieces come ready to hang.

Prints are printed on high quality FSC certified paper. Prints are shipped directly from a third party. All prices include worldwide shipping.

About the process:

The foundation of portrait is a story, and only you know that story.  In the drawing process you have an important role. The information you share: name, photographs, your journey with the subject and what you tell about them is the bases of the drawing process.

Throughout the process you can comment and see the piece coming together. The portrait can be a framed piece, a hand engraved necklace or a set of unique bedding. To order contact me via email or through instagram @horseinlines.